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Thread: Mozilla Firefox for Mobile - Release December 2009

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    Lightbulb Mozilla Firefox for Mobile - Release December 2009

    Hi folks,

    Hot on the heels of Skyfire, in my previous post, it looks like Mozilla Firefox is going to release a mobile edition of its browser http://forums.tvcatchup.com/forumdisplay.php?f=206

    According to the BBC, its only going to be available on the Nokia N900 but then followed by other handsets http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8425906.stm

    The following link only has the Beta version, so the risk is yours. But wait a few days for the full official release - http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/mobile/

    To help other users, if you download it can you please report back on how well (or not) its working with TVCatchup. The format is:

    Mobile phone make and model:
    Software version:

    To find out what software version your phone is running press *#0000#

    Hope this helps all users and the TVC team, can this be made into a sticky thread please


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    Errrmm, please forgive me - but I am trying hard to see how this helps TVC users and especially Nokia phones that mostly do not have Flash10.+ installed and the N900 has "Flash 9.4 support" not 10.+ that TVCatchup uses.
    Tell us why you use TVCatchup and how? http://alturl.com/f88tv
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    True i may have missed the details and relevance, delete it if you feel it is of no relevance to TVC users. But the article does say Mozilla would be supporting other handsets?

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    My understanding is that 'Fennec' won't inherently support Flash, like most of its competitors it still requires the codecs/plugins to be present on the handsets themselves which as Colin references - most aren't. Skyfire and Bolt are still the only browsers I know of that may help to bring TVC to the mobile masses via additional server-side shenanigans until Adobe roll-out Flash 10 as a user downloadable app. devoid of carrier or handset constraints, which they plan to in the new year.

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